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    Should I invest in Bitcoin as a food-delivery rider?

    The world is in a very special place now. 20% of all dollars in existence were printed this year alone. The Wall Street stampede is coming to Bitcoin precisely because they can see the turbulence that’s coming.

    Bitcoin has done it again — the cryptocurrency topped $20,000 Wednesday to reach its second record in three weeks and its highest level since 2017. The digital currency has been on a tear this year and is now up more than 180%, driven in part by new institutional support and low interest rates stemming from Covid-19.

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    How would a Grab-GoJek merger affect food-delivery riders in Singapore?

    Throughout 2019 to 2020, rumors about a merger between Grab and Gojek being pushed by SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son have been whispered and teased out. With the pressure to become profitable after the WeWork disaster and also before the IPO deadline in 2022, a merger between these 2 giants is coming closer to reality. At AloRide, we think that the merger will happen before the IPO, in order to push its stock price higher thanks to profitability and an absolute dominant market share. Moreover, with the quantitative easing programs globally (aka. printing money to help the economy), Grab and GoJek would likely want to do the IPO as soon as possible, to absorb some of the cheap liquidity that leads to a global rising in asset price, especially in tech stocks during this period.

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    The most popular phone model for delivery riders is Apple iPhone

    Last week, we ran a viral blog experiment at AloRide, specifically targeted to the delivery riders in Singapore.

    Due to the very specific content nature of the article, we can be sure that almost all of the readers are really well targeted.

    Using analytics tools, we came up with some interesting data that we can share with you today: The most popular phone model and phone brands among the food/goods delivery riders. Most of them are working for GrabFood.

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    Motorcycle COE predictions – why we think it will keep rising

    At AloRide, we need to carefully monitor the motorcycle COE price movements and change our rental pricing accordingly. There is no other market variable that impacts us more than that COE price. A good prediction will help us to optimise our assets allocation and risk/investments strategy.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been said to hit “worse than SARS and the Global Financial Crisis” and will likely last for a few years, leading to our hypothesis that the changes we see during this period will last for a long time. In this research, we found evidences that motorbike COE price will keep increasing for at least a few years.

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