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Should I work for GrabFood, Deliveroo, or foodpanda?

Being a food delivery rider is attractive nowadays with its easy requirements to get started and flexibility in time spent on work. Especially during the COVID-19 period, dining in is forbidden from time to time, as a result, the demand for food delivery was never seen that high. Therefore, in Singapore, food delivery rider for Deliveroo, foodpanda, or GrabFood is now chosen as a side job or even a main way of earning.

However, becoming a food delivery rider is not for the faint of heart. Let’s look at how much riders make to if it’s worth it and then decide which food delivery company should you work for.

How much you can earn as a food delivery rider?

Food delivery appAverage rider pay
foodpanda$10 to $25 per hour
GrabFood$10 to $17 per hour
Deliveroo$9 to $23 per hour
Average$15 per hour, or $5 to $7.50 per delivery
Summary of food delivery rider earnings

Deliveroo, GrabFood, and foodpanda no longer reveal their rider pay rates. So we used Glassdoor data. From that we found out food delivery riders in Singapore make an average of $15 per hour. Food delivery riders obviously get their payment counting per delivery rather than per hour. Based on the Straits Times stats, the payment for food delivery riders in 2020 was between $6.50 and $7.50 for every delivery and our recent research data reveals this rate closely down to $5 per delivery.

But the figures are only for reference only as the pay varies depending on other external factors, like market demand or rider supply and the pay may not be higher when the food delivery demand is higher. For example, the Singaporean Government did not allow dining in during the months of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) in mid-2021. Despite greater demand for delivery, riders report having to work longer hours to obtain the same income. This was due to food delivery firms enrolling more riders to fulfill projected demand. The applications could fulfill demand with a far larger fleet, but their riders also spent more time waiting for tasks to come their way. Long wait times at restaurants also reduced hourly wages.

Still, if you want to give it a go, bellowing is basic steps to start a food delivery rider gig.


How to sign up as a GrabFood rider

Fill out the rider sign-up form on GrabFood’s rider page, ensuring sure you have all of the necessary documentation. After you submit the online application, you must complete the online training course. The means of transport you can choose from are walker, bicycle, e-bike, motorbike or car (with the 2 latter vehicles, commercial insurance covering food delivery is compulsory)

GrabFood rider kit

The final step before you can start work is to purchase your GrabFood rider kit.

GrabFood rider kit options

GrabFood rider pay

The pay for GrabFood rider is based on each delivery, with the trip fee listed on the app. The trip fee is computed based on the distance traveled and the vehicle type.

In addition to your trip fee, GrabFood provides Zone Boost Gems in high-demand regions and during peak hours. The GrabFood rider app allows you to view the regions with gems. You may earn $1 extra every trip for every 20 gems you earn, and you need a minimum of 80 gems per day to get the extra. Finally, there are Quest Incentives associated with specific “missions” and delivery sorts (such as GrabExpress and GrabMart orders). Grab will send your salary to your GrabPay wallet and you may cash out to your bank account at any time, subject to a $50 minimum.


How to sign up as a Deliveroo rider

Please start with creating an account on Deliveroo’s rider site and fill in the online application form, attach it with required personal documents, get the verification and complete an online training video. Vehicles that can register for a Deliveroo rider are walkers, bicycles, or motorbikes (commercial insurance covering food delivery required)

Deliveroo rider kit

When you finish the registration above-mentioned steps, you need to activate your Deliveroo rider account by purchasing a Deliveroo rider kit. Your first bundle will cost $50 (due to a 50% discount), while the following ones will cost $100. Else, just grab an insulated backpack on Carousell for a lower price.

Deliveroo rider kit options

Deliveroo rider pay

You can easily find the fee structure of Deliveroo on their official website, frankly saying it’s much simpler than Grabfood while all you need to do is look at the app for the trip fares, no quests or incentives though. The charge for each delivery is determined by distance, waiting time, traffic flow, your petrol usage for the trip (f you joined up to ride a motorcycle), and even on how hilly the route is. Your pay will go directly to your registered bank account every 2 weeks, you can request an earlier cashing out with a $1 charge.

Screenshot from Delivery website


How to sign up as a foodpanda rider

Similar to the above 2 apps, to register as a foodpanda rider you can submit an online form at foodpanda rider website. Then complete an online course at foodpanda rider hub. This is where you collect your starter kit as well. Like Grab, vehicles you may choose to use are walker, Bicycle, e-bike, Motorbike, or car (with the 2 latter vehicles, commercial insurance covering food delivery is compulsory)

foodpanda rider kit

foodpanda rider kit options

foodpanda rider pay

Unlike other food delivery apps, the fares for the delivery are not only calculated by normal factors such as distance, vehicle, time for the region but also by rider performance. The performance of a rider is reviewed by a batch system. In summary, each rider receives a weekly performance score. A good score entitles you to the preferential booking of shifts and higher income. foodpanda’s latest rider score update will be enforced the 31 January 2022 as below:

Screenshot from foodpanda website

Because batching is done weekly, you must be dedicated all-in for foodpanda if you want to climb up the rankings and regenerate to put in the effort to avoid falling down the rank. If you don’t want to relive your elementary school streaming tests week after week, you should consider another competition. On the other hand, once you’ve risen to the top, this system may motivate you to remain loyal.

Earnings are credited to your foodpanda rider wallet on a weekly basis, and you may cash out once a week for free, with no minimum amount required. Each subsequent cash-out costs $0.50.

Which food delivery app should you sign up with?

Given the minimal start-up costs, there’s little harm in giving it a try (though be aware the rider supply is somehow redundant now during Phase 2 Heightened Alert).

If you want to earn money on the side, GrabFood and Deliveroo are both worth your consideration as casual dabblers. As the majority of the onboarding may be completed online, and then you can just switch on your app and start using it. Deliveroo’s rider outfit is also the most affordable, costing only $50 for new riders.

While foodpanda is likely more suitable for serious riders who want to go all-in and earn money. It recognizes and honors people who are diligent and industrious.

If you don’t have your own bicycle, try foodpanda for free bike rental. It is the only app that provides this benefit to folks who do not own a vehicle

Hope this writing can help you easily compare among some mostly used apps for food delivery which are Grabfood, Deliveroo, and Foodpand that you can make your decision to choose.

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