1. What is the rental procedure?

  1. Get a quote from us by calling to +65 3159 1188, or Whatsapp/SMS to Jan at +65 9187 6189.
  2. Bring your driving license + $200 deposit (refundable) + rental payment upfront.
  3. Sign the rental contract and collect the bike.

2. I'm too lazy to read the 3 pages Rental Agreement. Any TLDR version?

Yep. Here is the key terms summary:

  1. You must pay all fines during the rental term. For repair, you only have to pay if it’s your fault OR you got into an accident.
  2. In case of accident: This is considered your fault, you will have to pay for all repair cost. You may later claim back from the insurance company if the accident is caused by the 3rd-party. We will hold your deposit until the case is resolved.
  3. Late/non-payment is a serious violation of the contract. Rental term is counted until the bike is returned.
  4. Food delivery is allowed. Malaysia usage is allowed, but we will not support outside Singapore.
  5. If you rent for > 1 month: Early termination fee = 1 month rental.

3. Why do I need to pay for security deposit?

Like the rental of properties, a security deposit is used to offset any unexpected events or damage to the vehicle. We will refund the deposit after you return the vehicle to us.

4. Procedure when bike has issue

In case of bike breakdown: • Properly park the bike (avoid parking ticket) • Put all keys and documents inside the box (unlocked) • Send us the location of the bike for towing. We will then arrange a replacement bike for you or refund the unused days.

5. What to do in case of accident?

  1. Call 999 to make police report.
  2. Get the plate numbers, NRICs, phone numbers of all vehicles involved and witnesses. Take photos.
  3. DO NOT discuss liability.
  4. Let us know about the accident.

6. What's your insurance coverage terms?

Our commercial insurance covers 3rd party only in Singapore and West Malaysia. In the worst case, $1500 excess should be paid by the renter ($3000 if you are under 21 years old or have < 2 years driving experience) and you will have to pay for your own medical treatments. You may work for food delivery services (GrabFood/FoodPanda/Deliveroo/...) under THIS POLICY.

7. Where can I find vehicle information/log?

You can click HERE, enter vehicle number, choose ID type as Company, and enter 994W as owner ID. Uber may also ask for Food Delivery insurance coverage HERE.

LTA Vehicle log

8. Where can I find some other optional documentations?

You can go to our Resources page by clicking HERE.

9. Can I drive to Malaysia?

Yes you can.

10. What is the preferred bike repair shop?

- HKL Lim - 1008 Bukit Merah Lane 3, S(159722).

Call 62756656 / 92423895 / 97977989 (towing service)

11. What if I want to extend the rental after the rental period?

You only need to inform us about your extended duration before your term ends then pay for the extended period.