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AloRide OBU

Cool things you can do with OBU

AloRide, a leading motorcycle rental service in Singapore, is thrilled to announce that our fleet is now fully equipped with the latest On-Board Units (OBUs). The skilled team from VICOM has been instrumental in fitting our motorcycles with OBU, a move that propels our riders into a future of smoother, tech-integrated journeys.

Unlike the staggered rollout for local motorcycle owners starting May 1, AloRide customers are already enjoying the benefits of OBUs.

What Makes OBU a Game-Changer for Riders in Singapore?

OBUs aren’t just about automating toll payments; they’re about transforming your ride into a connected, digital experience. Here’s how:

1. Digital Management at Your Fingertips

With Onemotoring’s online portal, accessible via Singpass, you’re in full control. Easily manage your OBU’s linked payment accounts, paired devices, and preference settings. It’s about bringing convenience and customization together.

2. Seamless ERP 2.0 Payments 

Forget about manual top-ups. Setting up automated ERP payments through NETS vCashCard or ezlink Motoring means one less thing to worry about. Plus, receive monthly statements and usage alerts to keep your finances in check.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity with OBU



Pair your smartphone with the OBU to access real-time information, from toll charges to journey data, all at your fingertips. It’s about making every trip informative and effortless.

4. An Unexpected Bonus: A Time-Telling Feature


Ever caught yourself searching for the time during a ride? Your OBU has you covered with its built-in clock feature. It’s the little things that count.

Experience the Future with AloRide

Ready for a hassle-free riding experience in Singapore? AloRide’s fleet, equipped with the latest OBU technology, awaits. Whether you’re cruising for leisure or delivering services across the city, our motorcycles offer a seamless, connected journey. Rent with us and step into the future of motorcycle riding today.


At AloRide, you can rent a motorcycle to Malaysia for as low as $45 per day, or $370 per month to try motorcycling in Singapore. Rent a motorbike with AloRide today. Check out our catalogue at

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