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AloRide - Singapore's #1 motorbike rental service
Vespa Orchard
Your motorbike when you need it most

Founded since 2016 in the heart of Singapore – Orchard, we provide motorbike rental to every rider. Either you are a foreign expat, a new rider, or someone who wants to earn a living, we believe you should deserve an easy choice. Just ask us for a quote, bring your license, then you can get your bike in less than 10 minutes.

Our core values:

AloRide's History
First bike rented out
We had a humble start. It was a Nouvo AT115 that we rented out to a Carousell buyer who did not have enough money to buy it.

The first rental agreement was a hand-written note between 2 persons. The renter used the bike for Uber Eats delivery.
First employee, first website, first partner
We hired our first employee Annie. Built our first website on the free 000webhost service, all by ourselves.

During this time, we developed a strategic partnership with HKL Lim Motorsport - being our main bike maintenance provider.
AloRide was incorporated
ALORIDE Private Limited was incorporated at our home at 57 Cairnhill Road. We had 14 bikes at that time.

Finally we do things properly: Commercial insurance, corporate bank accounts, separated entity.
Scaling up
We were growing fast. Revenue increased over 300% over the last 6 months.

Cloud VoIP system was up and running, which allows all employees to work remote effectively.

Started looking for an additional location.
CNA Interview - AloRide Rentals
Fun Facts
This website is built by ourselves. It was also hosted by ourselves using a home server with a M1 fibre connection. Monthly cost for the website is zero.

We are a decentralized team with employees based in 3 different countries. Office cost is zero.

We are one of very few woman-led transportation companies in Singapore, with majority of employees being female.

Why are we focusing on food delivery riders? Because we believe in the future of on-demand food delivery, peer-to-peer economy, and libertarianism.

After transport, you get the food-delivery wave, which is following suit exactly the way it has in the U.S. And it is growing more rapidly in Southeast Asia, because — as any Asian person will happily tell you — they love their food more than you do. Food unites their cultures in a way that’s nearly incomprehensible to westerners, especially outside the large cities. Steve Yegge

At AloRide, we offer lowest rates for motorbike rental on the market by leveraging automation and a lean business model.

All bikes are commercially insured, highly maintained by our award-winning motorbike shop partners.

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