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Frequently Asked Questions

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You only need to inform us about your intention before your term ends and pay for the extension charge HERE.

Please have a look at our Payment page.

It’s best to return the bike during working hours so we can check the bike on the spot. If you really need to return it outside working hours, please:

  1. Return the bike in front of HKL Lim workshop at Bukit Merah, under CCTV camera’s visibility.
  2. Put the keys into the red mailbox in front of the shop.
  3. Send us a picture of the parked motorbike and your PayNow information for deposit refund through Whatsapp.
  4. Now you can leave the motorbike there. We will then check the bike and process deposit refund within the next business day.

Sorry for the trouble. But don’t worry, it happens. Just follow these simple steps below:

  1. Properly park the motorbike (avoid parking ticket)
  2. ? Put all keys and documents inside the rear box (keep it unlocked)
  3. ? Send us the exact location of the motorbike for towing through Whatsapp by using our Locator tool.
  4. Now you can leave the motorbike there. We will then arrange a replacement motorbike for you during the next working hours.

If you are on a highway: Call EMAS at 1800 2255 582 or waving your hand to get free towing to a safe place, then do all the above steps.

If you got into an accident, please follow the steps HERE.

You should proactively make payment for the offence tickets by yourself. Most of these tickets can be paid online a few days after issuance. The links to make online payment is at our Resources page.

In case the ticket was not paid, we will have to furnish your information to the authority. You will then receive a notice being sent to your address within 2 weeks.

  1. Get a quote from us by calling to +65 3159 1188, or Whatsapp us at +65 9616 9443.
  2. Bring your ID and driving license + $200 deposit (refundable) + rental payment upfront to our shop.
  3. ✍️ Sign the rental contract and collect the motorbike.

After motorbike collection, we will assign one of our customer support representative to contact you through Whatsapp. For any inquiry, you should directly talk to this person first. We will reply you normally within 5-15 minutes during working hours.

Just in case you have an emergency and the CSR is not responding, you can call our hotline number at +65 3159 1188.


It will be based on case-by-case basis. You will first need to contact us to get permission before doing so.

Please understand that the government requires that all vehicles to be inspected every 12 months in order to renew road tax. It is an offence to use a vehicle whose road tax has expired. The penalty includes a fine up to $2,000.

Thus, we humbly ask you to help us to bring the vehicle to the inspection centre on time, if the inspection due date happens during your rental period. It’s a one time per year thing. The inspection fee is $19.26 and it only takes you less than 10 minutes there. We will reimburse you $25 total, directly to your bank account, even before you do the inspection.

For the list of inspection centres, click HERE. We recommend you to do the inspection at STA – 302 Sin Ming Road.

The optimal air pressure for motorcycle tyres is 29 psi for front-tyre, to 33 psi for rear-tyre (2.0 bar to 2.3 bar).

You can pump air to the tyre for free at any petrol station in Singapore.

As per the rental agreement, you should bring the motorbike to our shop to get a free servicing every 1,000 kilometers.

Please note that you have to pay for all repair that is NOT normal wear and tear, OR because you did not bring the vehicle to servicing every 1,000 KM (servicing is free for you).

You will have 2 options:

  1. Bring the motorbike to our partner shop to assess the damage and pay them to repair back to original conditions.
  2. Ask us for the authorisation to arrange repairing the motorbike yourself. When returning the motorbike, we will check if it matches the original conditions.

You will also need to pay for towing fee ($30) if the motorbike needs towing.

It is the shop where you collect the motorbike. For more information, click HERE.


Our core working hours is Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm. As an online business, we do support 24/7, but might be slower if outside the core working hours.

Before calling to our hotline number, please help us to read through this FAQ page. It contains most of the questions we got from customers and is very informative.

Yes you can. But keep in mind that we will not be able to support you there in case of motorbike breakdown.

Yes, you can have a look at our rental agreement template HERE.

Yes you can! We are paying competitive price to buy back more motorbikes. Please help to fill the form HERE.

Yes, you may, but you will need to contact us to properly add your friend’s name into the rental agreement. Else, it would be illegal for your friend to use our rental motorbike, because he will not be covered under our insurance policy.

You should be able to apply for season parking yourself at HDB or URA websites.

Application for season parking is out of AloRide’s control. We can only support you by let you know all information you need to apply for it. Check out our Resources page to get the logcard for the vehicle you rented.

Yes, we are one of the very few motorbike rental companies in Singapore that have commercial insurance coverage for those who just got P-Plate licence, or younger than 22 years old.

Please note that your insurance excess will be $3,000 instead of $1,500 – in case of accident.

As the rental motorbike you are using belongs to AloRide, we might have installed an Apple AirTag to track our asset in case of lost/stolen. You should disable this notification by following these below steps:

  1. Tap the message, choose Continue.
  2. Tap Pause Safety Alerts to turn off “AirTag Detected” notifications.

Or, you can also turn off all Item Safety Alerts permanently:

  1. Open “Find My” app on your iOS device.
  2. Click on “Me” and swipe up the sliding panel.
  3. Switch off “Item Safety Alerts“.
How to turn off AirTag notifications

To learn more about Apple AirTag, click HERE.

Here is the key terms summary:

  1. You must pay all fines during the rental term. For repair, you only have to pay if it’s your fault OR you got into an accident.
  2. In case of accident: This is considered your fault, you will have to pay for all repair cost. You may later claim back from the insurance company if the accident is caused by the 3rd-party. We will hold your deposit until the case is resolved.
  3. Late/non-payment is a serious violation of the contract. Rental term is counted until the motorbike is returned.
  4. Food delivery is allowed. Malaysia usage is allowed, but we will not support outside Singapore.
  5. If you rent for > 1 month: Early termination fee = 1 month rental.

To view our full sample rental agreement, click HERE.

We can do 1-on-1 exchange to another motorbike for you with the following conditions:

  • Your payment is up-to-date.
  • The current motorbike got breakdown.
  • The new vehicle in on the same pricing tier with the old vehicle.

Please note that you have already had a chance to check through the vehicle at collection time. Thus, vehicle quality or being unfit is NOT a valid reason for exchanging motorbike.

Our commercial insurance covers 3rd party only in Singapore and West Malaysia. 

In case of accident, the excess amount to pay for 3rd party damage is:

  • $1,500 if you have more than 2 years riding experience, and older than 21 years old.
  • $3.000 if otherwise.

You may work for food delivery services (GrabFood/FoodPanda/Deliveroo/…) under THIS POLICY.

You can go to our Resources page by clicking HERE.

You can click HERE, enter vehicle number, choose ID Type as Company, and enter 994W as Owner ID.

For a complete set of Food Delivery Partner Application, follow the instructions HERE.

Like the rental of properties, a security deposit is used to offset any unexpected events or damage to the vehicle. We will refund the deposit after you return the vehicle to us.

Foreign Visitors

If you are a short-term visitor: Yes, you can!

  • If your licence is in English, you can legally ride in Singapore.
  • If your licence is issued by a South-East Asia country (ASEAN: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, …), your driving licence is recognised in Singapore and other ASEAN member countries.
  • If your licence is NOT in English, you will need to either get an International Driving Permit or an official English-translated of your licence by an embassy.

Please note that your foreign driving licence is only valid to use in Singapore with 2B class motorbike (under 200cc) for up to 12 months from the date of visa entry. After that, you will have to convert to a Singapore Driving Licence.

If you paid us using any supported payment method, you will get refunded in your original payment method for free.

If you have a Paypal account, you can send a SGD payment request to our Paypal at [email protected].

Else, we can send you the refund to your international bank account for extra 10-20 SGD fee, depends on your bank location.

Please send us the following information:

  • Account holder name 👤
  • Account number #️⃣
  • ACH/IBAN/SWIFT Code #️⃣
  • Account holder address📍
  • Email 📧
  • Bank name and country 🏦

In Singapore, you will need to pay tolls and parking by inserting a NETS Cashcard into the IU (In-vehicle Unit) in your motorbike before you ride.

You can buy a cashcard from any convenience store (7-Eleven, gas station, etc).

The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is an electronic road toll system in Singapore. When your motorbike pass through a ERP gantry, a toll is automatically deducted from your cashcard without stopping or slowing down. Toll value varies from $0 to $2.5 for motorbikes for each ERP passing through.

Parking works the same way. The gantry reads cashcard remotely through IU. Parking rate varies from $0.65 to $4.0 per day.


You will need to pay for these charges upfront:

  1. Insurance excess amount ($1,500 to $3,000). More details HERE.
  2. Payment to repair our vehicle, maximum $3,000.

It will takes around 3 to 12 months for the accident investigation. If the result is NOT your fault, you will get back all of the above amounts.

You will NOT have to pay for insurance excess amount if you choose to settle the damages directly with 3rd party through Private Settlement (recommended).

If you think this is likely your fault, we recommend you to do a Private Settlement directly with the 3rd party to save money on insurance excess ($1,500 to $3,000). This is much faster and cheaper because you will not have to go through the normal insurance claim procedure, and there is no waiting time for police investigation.

  • Settle the damages directly with the 3rd party.
  • Fill this Private Settlement Form with them.
  • Send us a copy of the above signed form.

Please ignore this in case you choose to do Private Settlement.

  1. Go to IDAC at 1007 Bukit Merah Lane 3, Singapore 159721 to do Accident Report (8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday. Contact: +65 6898 0055). You can fill this pre-stamped sketch form to save your time there.
  2. If there was injury in the accident, file a traffic accident report at any police station or online HERE.
  3. IDAC will record accident facts, including vehicle photos/conditions and send the information to NTUC Income – our insurer.
  4. Insurance companies representing both of you and the 3rd party will check the facts and negotiate for damage payment. This process normally takes 3-12 months.
  5. In the meantime, AloRide will withhold the excess amount (S$1,500 to S$3000) at the accident time, in order to cover for future claim from NTUC Income.

Insurance Excess is the out-of-pocket amount you have to pay when our Insurer (NTUC Income) have to pay for the damages. Our insurance policy coverage is Third-Party Only, so in case of accident and it’s your fault, the Insurer will not pay for your rental motorbike repair.

For example, if your standard excess is $1,500 and the 3rd party damage claim is $8,000, that means you’ll have to pay $1,500, while our Insurer pays the remaining $6,500.

Please note that:

  • You will not have to pay insurance excess if you choose to settle the damages directly with 3rd party (recommended).
  • You still have to pay for our motorbike repair.
  • If it turns out that it’s NOT your fault, you will get back all the money since the 3rd party’s Insurer has to cover everything.

  1. Get the plate numbers, NRIC/ FIN, phone numbers of all vehicles involved, and witnesses. Take photos.
  2. If this is likely your fault, we recommend you to do a Private Settlement directly with the 3rd party to save time and money on insurance excess.
  3. Call 999 to make a police report if there is an injury or online HERE.
  4. Send us your exact location through Whatsapp by using our Locator tool to tow the bike.
  5. Call James (HKL) at +65 9242 3895. He will instruct you on the next steps for Accident Reporting/Claiming.

Please do not panic. We are experienced with this situation. Hope that you are safe and sound.

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