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Motorbike mini-trip ideas in Singapore

From New York to Bangkok to New Delhi, some of the world’s biggest cities are locked down to fight the new coronavirus. Singapore is an exception. So far, at least, the city-state has avoided the curfews and sweeping business closures seen elsewhere during the pandemic. If you are currently in Singapore, you are one of the luckiest on earth at the moment!

The only downside of Singapore is that you can only travel within Singapore. It’s a repetition of activities like dining, visiting friends, jogging, … If you are bored with those, why not try motorcycling in Singapore and get a totally new experience?

In this blog post, we will give you some refreshing mini motorcycle routes in Singapore that you will love, because we enjoy it too. In fact, as a couple, we do those mini trips many times again and again in the late afternoon, dawn, after dinner, midnight, or even during the day time when it’s cool, during the year.

We’ve made it easy to copy the route to your own Google Maps app on your phone, then you are free to change the destinations as you wish.

1. Singapore Central Business District trip

This trip is best to start at around 9pm or 6pm, to wow your girl-friend. If you stop and explore at all the places, it will easily take more than 3 hours.

Tanglin Mall –> Orchard Road –> Chijmes (Crazy Rich Asian movie place) –> Esplanade –> Merlion –> Lau Pa Sat –> Raffles Place (Boat Quay)–> Marina Bay Sands –> Clarke Quay

2. Bugis, Arab Street, snacks and desserts

This trip is best to start after dinner, to get some late night dessert and snacks. If you stop and explore at all the places, it will easily take more than 2 hours.

313 Orchard –> Arab Street –> Haji Lane (live music/drinks/snacks) –> Bugis Street Market (snacks) –> Ah Chew Desserts (late night)

3. Mount Faber natural sightseeing trip

Poland’s Bells of Happiness –> Henderson Waves –> Keppel Bay Vista

A quick refreshment to the natural forest nearby CBD. This trip is great when the weather is cool. Best at 8pm, 6pm, or even midnight! You will feel the cool, fresh air blowing into your face! Beware that monkeys may appear on the way.

This trip is quite romantic and can take up to 3 hours if you stop and explore at all points. There is a bar at Keppel Bay Vista to keep on the date.

4. Bukit Timah natural sightseeing trip

This trip is another natural forest trip. Very enjoyable at around 8am or 5pm. If you stop and explore at all the places, it will easily take more than 3 hours.

Newton Food Centre –> Champions Public Golf Course (very nice for taking photos along the way there) –> MacRitchie Reservoir

5. East Coast Park trip - 10km seaside trip

Quite relaxing for a Sunday afternoon trip right?

6. Dempsey Hill and Singapore's richest houses

Ridley Park –> Hardling Road –> Dempsey Hill for dinner

You will see a lot of amazing houses along the way. The houses are crazy expensive – up to hundreds of million dollars.

7. Bonus: Sentosa!

Well, normally motorcycles are NOT allowed to enter Sentosa. But, if you are a delivery rider, you can enter! For example: If you are going to Sentosa W Hotel to pickup some documents for a customer, or delivering the food to Village Hotel Sentosa, the guard will allow you to enter the island.

Once you got into Sentosa, it’s a whole new world to experience. Just follow this route to explore all the beautiful places inside the island. The trip will easily takes you 4 hours. Best time to visit is at 5.30pm.

The Oceanfront Sentosa Cove –> Sentosa Cove Village –> Seascape –> Seven Palms Sentosa Cove –> Tanjong Beach Club –> Wings Of Time –> Siloso Beach Walk –> Fort Siloso Sky Walk

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