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Questions to ask before riding in Singapore

1. Is it easy to get a motorbike license?

Not like other motorcycle-majority countries in Asia, Singapore has a quite strict rule of getting a vehicle license including motorbike.

There are 2 points you need to know when attending to the riding class in Singapore.

First, you have to attend all the theory classes at the driving center LTA. Each lesson needs to be passed before you can move to the next one. The important highlight here is that some people might underrate these classes and get absent for most of the time, unluckily this attitude will lead to a disapproval of getting a 2B license in Singapore.

The instructor has a great impact on your pass. They are one of the most powerful decision makers and therefore, you’d better pay attention to the lesson and show a good studying attitude.

I do not want to scare newbies but the passing rate of the motorbike riding test is just 60%.

If you are planning on purchasing a motorbike in Singapore, you might have to plan on converting your international license into the local one first. After that, a motorbike insurance is required to make your vehicle legal.

Small note: People under the age of 22 will be charged a considerably higher insurance cost compared to others.

Good news! Renting a bike could be a great option that helps you stay away from these troubled costs as the commercial insurance is already included in the rental service fee. That also means that you just need to have a valid 2B license to start your trip around Singapore on a motorbike right away.

2. Is Singapore’s road congestion terrible? 


Traffic jam is an inevitable outcome of a car-majority country. Singapore usually experiences the road congestions during peak hours. The country used to be ranked at 45th out of 174 cities which witness the severity of traffic jam and according to a report, drivers in Singapore spent 126 hours waiting on the roads, on average.

However, if you are an expat planning on moving in Singapore next few months, the traffic jam should not be a worry as it has been changed positively in the last 02 years due to the improved public transport system and the use of other new modes of transportation such as bicycles and motorbikes.

While a bicycle would be fun to ride, a motorbike would be both fun and convenient to explore Singapore and avoid the congestions. Want to figure out the reason why I said so? The helpful blog post 5 reasons to rent a bike in Singapore could give you some great advice.

3. Safe riding in Singapore?

If you choose to travel around Singapore on a motorbike, it is cool! The option could help you to stay away from the congestions as well. But make sure you are aware of these things below:

  • Singaporean drivers are not accustomed to sharing the lane with motorbike riders and the average speed on roads is higher as a result. But as long as you stay in control of your speed and make a careful observation while riding on the road, it would not be a problem.
  • You should be careful when doing a lane-splitting as drivers might not be able to react in time. For your information, the speed allowance for cars & motorcycles on roads is 50km/h while on the expressway is 70 – 90km/h.
  • Make sure you avoid the Land 1, which is famous for the regular pile-ups.

Remember! Speeding is not a measure of your riding skill.

10 cars piling up on the Pan Island Expressway on Lane 1. Photo from Straits Times.
  • Hot weather during dry season might cause you some troubles as well especially when you are moving from cold countries to Singapore. Riding under the hot temperature would make you feel like being steamed in a sauna or even getting sick as well.
  • Do not underrate the traffic laws in Singapore otherwise, you have to pay a great deal of money for punishment. It would be better to research information related to motorbike riding rules and licenses before your ride.

To sum up, as long as you are a careful rider and comply with the traffic laws, it is fun and safe to explore the beautiful Singapore on a motorbike!

4. Should I consider buying a car later?

It is not impossible to buy a car but you need to have a really large budget as it will cost a crazy amount of money for ownership, maintenance and service fees.

Don’t worry if that information scares you! There are many alternatives to a mean of transportation in Singapore.

The public transport system such as bus and train is cheap and quite convenient. You can also use the motorbike rental service where good gears, cheap price, quality service and quick process are the most shining highlights.

If you just want to use personal vehicles instead of the public transportation, here are some reasons to choose a motorbike over a car:

  • Cheaper in all aspects
  • Get to the destination faster
  • Easy to park
  • Less maintenance
  • It is fun!

Happy reading and see you on our next blog!


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