You want to earn money with food delivery, but cannot afford a bike with the rising CoE price...

You just passed the 2B license and are looking for a bike, but the insurance premium is ridiculously high...

You come to Singapore to work for several months. You hate all the hassles for buying a bike just to sell it later...


Do you see yourself in any of these above? If yes, we are the one you are looking for ;-)


Founded since 2016 in the heart of Singapore - Orchard, we provide motorbike rental to every rider. Either you are a foreign expat, a new rider, or someone who wants to earn a living, we believe you should deserve an easy choice. Just SMS us for a quote, bring your license, then you can get your bike in less than 10 minutes.


Why are we focusing on food delivery riders? Because we believe in the future of on-demand food delivery, peer-to-peer economy, and libertarianism. Quote from Steve Yegge:


After transport, you get the food-delivery wave, which is following suit exactly the way it has in the U.S. And it is growing more rapidly in Southeast Asia, because — as any Asian person will happily tell you — they love their food more than you do. Food unites their cultures in a way that’s nearly incomprehensible to westerners, especially outside the large cities.


Our core values:     1. Safety    2. Minimalist    3. Customer Centric     4. Agile    5. Automation

  • Jan & Phil - AloRide founders

    At AloRide, we offer lowest rates for motorbike rental on the market by leveraging automation and a lean business model.

    All bikes are commercially insured, highly maintained by our award-winning motorbike shop partner.


    Aloride - Like your own bike™

    ~~ Jan & Phil - AloRide founders ~~

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