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Advantages of having a motorbike during COVID-19

Everyone knows that riding a motorbike is about freedom. You can smell the freedom in the air, especially while riding around the crowdless Singapore during this time. It’s a rare historic moment when there’s virtually no tourist mingling around the attractions.


On a Saturday night, we took out our Vespa, taking a tiny trip around Orchard, then parked the bike near Merlion, took some photos, then finish the night out at our favourite late-night groceries shopping at Fair Price Killiney – it’s legal during circuit breaker. How chillax is this experience? Can you have the same experience by having a car, or by taking Grab? Of course not!

Talking about parking, the best part of it is: Virtually no one is policing your bike at the moment. As the owner of a motorbike rental business, we can clearly see this when suddenly there’s no parking offence coming to our inbox since CB started. Of course I still park legally lah, but yeah, you can park wherever you want without fret about paying for fines haha


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Do I need to repeat that there’s no ERP? Yes, all the gantries are turned off. Riding became cheaper.

Last but not least, possessing a motorbike at this time can help you earning money. You can be part of essential services by working on delivery. Let’s rent a bike from us and keep Singapore running!

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