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5 reasons to rent a bike in Singapore

If you have just moved to Singapore and are looking for a mean of transportation in Singapore for traveling purpose, a motorbike is a highly recommended option.

There are many reasons to choose a bike over a car include:

  • Cheaper in all aspects
  • Get you to the destination faster
  • Easy parking
  • Less maintenance
  • Fun riding lah!

However, question to ask: Motorbike ownership or a rental?

There is no winner in this comparison as either new or used motorcycle will have its own pros and cons. Your pick also depends on different personal aspects such as the length of your staying in Singapore, the sense of ownership or the financial commitment.

But if you are just looking for a cost-effective yet good gear to travel around beautiful Singapore, here are 05 reasons for choosing a bike rental service instead of purchasing a new one.

Happy reading and good luck on your trip!

1. Stay away from the troubled bike transfer/registration process

If you choose to be a bike owner, you need to look for a bike first. Used motorbike, which could be a lack of commitment solution in terms of quality, gear safety and cost? Or a brand-new one which is expensive due to a significant amount of funds?

Either of solutions chosen, you will get involved in the bike transfer or registration process which might bring you some hassles, as an expat.

The brand-new motorbike registration process includes:

  1. Obtain the following:
    • Inward Cargo Clearance Permit (CCP)
    • Vehicle Approval Code (VAC)
    • Certificate of Entitlement (COE) in the appropriate vehicle quota category
    • Motor insurance covering at least third-party liability for death and bodily injury arising out of the use of the motorcycle or scooter.
  2. Make an appointment to submit the required documents to LTA Customer Service Centre
  3. Fee payments
  4. Get the administrative papers from LTA

(Source: LTA)

With the second-hand model, you also have to make an appointment with the seller to do the transfer at LTA.

Remember, if you are riding on a foreign license, you might have to convert your international 2B license into the local one to be allowed to ensure the bike beyond 12 months. In case you are under the age of 22, the insurance premium policy pertaining to motorbike ownership will be significantly higher.

However, the steps mentioned above will be cut down considerably if you choose to use a rental. All you need is a legal 2B license to get a fully-equipped vehicle which is always in compliance with the motorbike traffic laws in Singapore.

In my opinion, being an expat means you got different kinds of stuff to deal with so it might not be worth your time for investing too much time and effort on a bike.

2. Safe riding

The top priority when riding is your safety, especially when you are sharing the lane with lots of cars around. The better your gear is, the more safety your riding is.

A second-hand motorcycle could be a risky solution if you do not have enough “technical” knowledge to test it before your purchase. Meanwhile, the motorbikes for rent are always kept an eye out for safety assurance and in case it does not satisfy your requirements of safety, you can always claim for a change.

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3. Quick and quality service – Easy handover

As mentioned above, the expected time staying in Singapore would have a considerable amount of influence over your decision toward getting a new bike or using the rental service. Imagine that you are going stay in Singapore for 2 – 3 months, it would be annoying to fulfill all requirements above to own a bike, not mentioning about the bike re-selling after. By contrast, the bike rental service is fast and convenient. As long as you got a 2B license, the bike is ready to use right away after the contract is signed and your deposit is transferred.

See more about bike rental process at AloRide

Another reason makes me personally love using a rented motorcycle is the useful service provided to customers. Owning a used bike might be a waste of time and money due to the repair. While, with the rental service, the bike is ready to use right away and the service for bike repair is nice. You are able to have the motorbike fixed at the specific partner shop as well as claim for a bike replacement if the breakdown happens. When the rental duration comes, simply return the bike and get the deposit back.

Much less work to do compared to the bike ownership!

4. No limitation on purposes

Some people might think that the motorbike service provider will put a strict limit on the use of rented bikes but totally NO! You can freely use the bike based on your needs including commercial purposes such as food delivery as long as your activities do not violate the laws.

We’ve got a particular blog post for food delivery service using rented motorbikes. You can figure out more here!

In most of the cases, the bikes for rent are allowed to ride to Malaysia as well.

5. Wide range of choices

You have a wide range of choices among many bike rental service providers in Singapore in terms of service, cost and bike models with a wide range of renowned motorbike brands.

Based on the personal needs and financial budget, you can easily figure out the suitable service provider that fits you best.

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Again, there is no winner in the comparison between motorbike ownership and rental service as it depends on different personal purposes, as long as you get a vehicle that suits your personal needs best.

We wish you a good time in Singapore. Good luck and see you in the next article lah!


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