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Why You’ll Love Motorcycling in Singapore?

Car owners will know this – a car is never just a set of wheels. Indeed, it is not unusual for car owners to form sentimental bonds with their vehicles. Motorbike owners, in particular, will always remember the first time they feel the sensation of the wind blowing on their faces as they took their first ride.

Indeed, there are many reasons why one might prefer a two-wheeler machine over a car. We’ll let you in on some of them.
1. Motorcycles are friendlier to the pocket
Especially in Singapore, where buying a car can be a hefty financial commitment. In comparison, motorcycles are an economical and cost-effective option, both in terms of long-term expenses and upfront costs.
For a start, they consume less fuel as compared to cars, which means with the same amount of fuel, you can travel further with a trusty motorcycle.

2. Painless parking
Let’s face it. Singapore, like many other countries, does not have the best drive-friendly car parks. And certainly not if you drive a daunting Sports Utility Vehicle. Motorcycles? Not only do bike owners not have to worry about the type of parking lots – parallel or perpendicular space – charges for parking motorcycles are also much cheaper than those for cars.

3. Traffic proof
Still, arguably the biggest reason one prefers riding a motorcycle to driving a car is the ease with which a bike can zip through congested traffic. Just a word of caution for all riders though – signal early and always check your mirrors, particularly if you are riding in between two cars.

4. Simpler maintenance
If we talk about the cost of maintaining a motorcycle, again, it’s likely to be cheaper than a car for an obvious reason. Its smaller frame has less complicated systems compared to that of a car. This will likely keep maintenance expenses at a conservative cost including your motorcycle insurance.

5. The ‘feel’
Apart from the cool sensation one feels when riding a bike, there is also the cool factor associated with a motorcycle. Just one word – suave.
You might or might not love the idea of motorcycles but at the end of the day, what you need comes first. 

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