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What to do when your motorbike breakdown in Singapore?

Most motorcyclists always have to deal with many unexpected situations that can be happened on the road. One of the worst nightmares of a motorcycle rider is breakdowns that can happen any time of the day. But in most cases, it happens when you least expect it. There are valuable experiences and guidelines for motorcycle breakdown in Singapore.

Stop your vehicle in the safe place

Firstly, you should search for the first safest place to stop that’s nearest to you such as the road shoulder, petrol stations, popular commercial areas, bus stops…  Avoid poor visibility places at all costs such as corners and dark spots.

Switch on your hazard lights

Hazard lights (if equipped) and hand signals should be turned on to make sure the safety of your bike and yourself.

Call for help

When you and your bike are safe and highly visible, please call for help at your earliest convenience.

If you are on a highway: Call EMAS at 1800 2255 582 to get free towing to the nearest parking place. If you are on the street, you can call your rental company, your insurance provider, your mechanic, or your relatives to get further support.

Keep calm and wait until help arrives

When you have made all the necessary calls, please do not panic, just keep calm and sit tight until help arrives. 

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