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What do you know about motorcycle insurance?

Many people think that motorcycle insurance policies just provide some basic liability and accident coverage. However, if you thoroughly peruse the policy wording, you will understand more about the benefits and caveats. These benefits can help you to save money and it is very beneficial to be aware of them.

Motorcycle insurance is necessary requirement when renting a motorbike.

If you ride a motorbike without proper motorcycle insurance in Singapore, you can get a penalty of S$1,000 or/and a jail sentence of three months. Therefore, you should consider carefully about insurance information when renting or buying a motorbike. There are three types of motorcycle insurance that you should know about this.

  • Third Party Only is the most basic plan and offers protection against damage to the third-party vehicle, people’s property and physical injury caused by an accident involving your motorcycle.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft covers the same as Third Party Only plus loss or damage to your motorcycle in case of stolen or catches fire.
  • Comprehensive covers the same as Third Party Fire and Theft plus any damage to your motorcycle up to its market value.

You can choose any type of insurance based on your purposes and financial situation.

How much motorbike insurance can cover?

It depends on the types of insurance and the riding experience, however, the maximum money that NTUC can cover for the third party is $500,000 as seen in the table below:

What you should do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Please do not panic and stay calm.
  • Checking your health – if there is anyone getting injured, please call 995 for ambulance or 999 for police assistance.
  • If it is not necessary, you should not move your motorbike, especially if there are personal injuries.
  • Taking some photos of the damaged vehicles and accident scene.
  • Collecting the following information of other parties involved the accident (including witnesses):
  • Do not admit any liability, whether verbally or in a written form.
  • Making the police report within 24 hours of the accident.

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