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Riding motorcycle from Singapore to Malaysia

Because of being a very close neighbor to Singapore, Malaysia is a dream of every local motorcyclist. Without seeing the views behind the window of a bus or car, the riders can totally enjoy the fresh air, seeing the beauty of nature during the trip. The border crossing procedure is simple, however, there are some issues you need to consider when riding to Malaysia from Singapore.

1. Checking or maintaining your motorcycle before riding to Malaysia

The most important thing you should check before starting a road trip is to ensure that your motorcycle can handle the long journey. By doing this, you can identify some problems that may be a potential risk on the road.

2. Buying the vehicle insurance and travel insurance

It is necessary that you are covered by insurance when you are going on a road trip to Malaysia. Check if your policy includes driving in West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) which consists of 11 out of the 13 states, and Kuala Lumpur is also in West Malaysia. Buying or renewing your necessary insurance policies will give you peace of mind as well as provide you with a safeguard if anything goes wrong during your trip.

3. Understand the traffic rules

Each country has different laws and regulations. Therefore, you should make sure that you can understand basic traffic laws and regulations in Malaysia. Although Malaysia has similar road rules and regulations as Singapore, they still can impose fines and summons on Singaporean riders caught breaking their traffic regulations.

4. Additional Reminders

  • You should be especially careful when riding in towns, particularly Kampongs. Because there are many slow-moving vehicles, livestock, and children on the roads.
  • Bike theft: when you are in the cities, just park the motorbike in the car park or safe place. But it is not really a problem in the countryside.
  • Bring the required documents with you such as passport, license, log card, and insurance.

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