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How to improve your Driver Rating

When it comes to ride-hailing or delivery jobs, high ratings may mean the difference between consistent high-paying jobs or quitting the app altogether. This sounds like a daunting responsibility, but it is absolutely vital. Delivery and rideshare apps use the rating system to measure the ongoing performance and let them understand how drivers interact with customers. If the partner’s rating is below a certain number (usually depending on the city), companies will bring in the partner for a “Quality Session”, which sounds ominous enough.

That’s why we’ve put together tips and tricks for keeping your driver rating not only up to snuff, but through the roof – bringing you more perks, bonuses, and gratuities from your passengers and customers, too. 

Be communicative

Sometimes, things just happen. Traffic might be horrible or the queue for restaurants is long. It’s your job to communicate with the customers and notify them if there’s any problem occurred. Not only will they appreciate your update, but it will let them know the fault is not on your end and you have done everything in your power to satisfy your clients.

Politeness and professionalism goes a long way

Most driving companies (and drivers) will state that keeping your ratings up is a fairly straightforward matter. Three words every driver should remember are: “Do your job.” In other words, put yourself in the position of the people who rely on you and perform the way you’d expect someone in your position to perform. You want to be alert, cheerful, and accommodating to the greatest degree possible. 

Having a positive interaction with the customer at the delivery stage is crucial to ensuring a thumbs up from the customer. It’s the only face-to-face opportunity you have with them, so make the most of it. This is considered as the number 1 factor when it comes to a good rating or a bad one. Being friendly and even making jokes can be a great way to ensure a good rating and even a tip.

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Dress politely and appropriately

This doesn’t mean you have to strain your budget to buy designer clothes. But would you want to deal with someone wearing mismatched, torn, and stained garments? When you look presentable, people will rate you higher. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that by preparing gears that keep you from becoming a wet, sopping mess, you’ll be far more welcome when arriving at your customer’s place.

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Know your streets

A good idea is to avoid being late, even if it is possible is by knowing the street like the back of your hand and knowing when to ignore Google’s instructions. It’s a truth that’s people forget, Google Map isn’t perfect, and sometimes your experience triumphs over what technology tells you. Whether you’re a city driver or a suburban roamer, knowing where you are going a long way toward serving your customers the best way possible.

Ask for the ratings

You never get what you don’t ask. At the margin, this can cause you to get one extra star than the customer would otherwise give you. Just be courteous, ask them how the client’s experience is and that you’d appreciate getting a 5-star rating from their end.

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By understanding how the rating system works and how you can take the best advantage over it. You’ll need to be clear about your role and set boundaries when you need to do that. All of this can be done with a professional, friendly attitude. Even if you don’t feel like driving on a given day, act like it anyway. People will treat you much better, and your earnings will reflect your efforts.

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