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How to earn money and live well in Singapore?

1. Earn Money

Be a food delivery man. Why not?

The growing appetite for food delivery to homes and workplaces is soaring. The market demand is not only coming from Singaporean but also from the increasing number of expats living here and as the demand is increasing, a surge in human resource for food delivery service is greatly needed as a result.

There are different food delivery service providers competing in the market such as Food Panda, Grab Food or Deliveroo providing you a wide range of choices to pick the company that fits you best. You are not required to be a full-time delivery man also, 90% of Food Panda’s delivery crew are part-timers. As a full-time staff, the earnings would be around $3,500-$5,000 a month and this salary range has been growing by about 40 per cent in the last two year. *

All you need is a motorbike to get ready and since Singapore is well-known as one of the strictest law countries in the world including traffic rule system, your vehicle needs to be legal, trust me it will be terrible if you get banned for violating the rules in Singapore!

Motorbike ownership would not be a good idea in terms of budget and maintenance fees, while the motorbike service rental is cost-effective, fully functional and ready-to-use right away for any legal purposes including food shipping. There is also a wide range of motorbike models with different competitive set of prices to fit your own needs. Sounds good lah? Get started today!

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2. Live happily

So after the hard working time, how can you enjoy the life in Singapore in a wallet-friendly way?

Keep yourself amused by free movie shows

There are free movies screened at the Marina Bay Sans Event Square sponsored by MovieMob. Besides, you can also find other free movie screenings at shopping malls or community centers.

What to eat during the movie time? Pop corn and coke for traditional movie worms. Or you can head down to IKEA for a $1 hot dog bun and 50-cent vanilla ice cream! Cheap but good taste and quality lah!

There are also many free live concerts/performances took place regularly in Singapore such as indoor and outdoor concerts held by The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) or performances presented every evening by Esplanade Mall at a world-class venue.

More details here:

Outdoor and sightseeing activities

You get bored? Singapore is a place that has many beautiful places for a fun inner city traveling and fresh air breathing.

If the Supertrees at Garden By the Bay is quite common to you then the breathtaking Singapore skyline at the 56th floor of ION Orchard would be a perfect alternative option.

Haw Par Villa is another great local attraction to visit with 1,000 statues depicting scenes from Chinese folklores.

Haw Par Villa is another great local attraction to visit with 1,000 statues depicting scenes from Chinese folklores.

And do not forget various awesome parks in Singapore. Come there for a walk, enjoy the sunlight or take a running exercise would be a perfect way to enjoy the life here.

The public exercise facilities here would also help you to burn fat without any severe damage on your wallet. There are various free-to-cheap sports/activities that are available for you to join such as free fitness corners, $1 swimming pool or under $9 badminton courts.

There are still a lot more magnificent sights in Singapore which are all free for your visit. Happy exploring!


Singapore is a car-majority country, however there are other means of transportation here that will not cost you much.

If the public transport is not a matter for your traveling then bus and train are great options. Some shopping malls also provide free bus service during lunch time or weekend to strategically increase the number of visitors.

If you care about “private” feeling, there couldn’t be anything better than riding a motorcycle in Singapore (car is too expensive to be mentioned in this article lah). There would be some notes when riding in Singapore in terms of vehicle, licenses and safety when sharing the lane with cars, but as long as you are riding carefully with good road riding observation, it would be a safe and fun riding!

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As mentioned above, if owning a motorbike would not be a cost-benefit solution, you can always rent one with a very good price, nice service, fully-equipped vehicle and ready to use right away.

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Happy reading and we hope this article is meaningful to you to some extents. Stay tuned for our next post!

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