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How much can you earn as a GrabFood or GrabExpress rider?

Nowadays, working for delivery jobs is a popular choice, given the bad economic situation in 2020 and the flexible nature of the job. You can easily decide when and where you want to work, and even choose what kind of delivery orders you want to take up. You can also join and quit at any day, not like a traditional fulltime job.

There are cases where food delivery riders earn over S$5,000 per month. This definitely sounds tempting for a job with so much freedom, doesn’t it? Either you want to supplement your income for your family by working part time, or temporary working for food delivery while waiting for the next fulltime opportunity, or dedicated 100% fulltime working long-term for this job, this post would be helpful to you.

There are 3 main food delivery services in Singapore: GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo. There are also many other goods/parcel delivery services like GrabExpress, GrabMart, Lalamove, RydeSend, GogoX. 

Today, we will mainly focus on GrabFood – as this is the most popular delivery service. The earning between different platforms (generosity) depends on their funding status, their competitions, your loyalty, … but it will not differ that much between the large platforms.


Nearly everyone in Singapore is familiar with the private car hire service, Grab. Their subsidiary food delivery service, GrabFood, is just as popular as Grab Transport, especially during this COVID-19 period.

GrabFood riders have the option to apply with a motorcycle, bicycle or a Personal Mobility Device (PMD). There is also an option to make deliveries by foot, but that will not help you to earn much unless in a heavily populated area like our Central Business District (CBD).

An advantage of being a delivery rider for GrabFood is you get flexibility with your schedules. They offer the most flexible work hours out of the three main delivery service companies in Singapore. There are no fixed shifts given by the company to follow. You can work as little as an hour per day. It is all up to you! Own time, own target! Riders will also get paid daily instead of bi-monthly or monthly.

Riders are paid on a per-delivery basis, with the delivery payment displayed at the top of each order. The base fare is $5 per trip, and surcharges will be added to that fee depending on the location and time. There are also incentives like the ‘Zone Boost’, which are given out based on the area that you’re working in, with different number of gems being awarded for different orders. 20 gems converts to S$1 in cash.

How much I can earn as a GrabFood rider?

It really depends on your commitment. But if you can commit 10 hours per day, 6 days a week like this fellow rider, you can earn as much as him!

The guy Si[name redacted due to privacy] in this GrabFood facebook group was able to earn S$5,000 in a month. You can do the same! This is a very real proof from a real person that $5k per month is totally do-able, you just need to commit to the jobs.

From the post, Si[name redacted] used a motorbike to work for GrabFood. And based on the past polls within this group, we also found that: (below)

Motorcycle is the best way to earn for GrabFood

There’s no better data than this. Hundreds of GrabFood riders voted that the best way to earn for GrabFood is by using a motorbike. Yes, 215 strong GrabFood delivery riders in this poll.

It also seems like motorbike will get more jobs assigned – meaning more money for you. I think the reason might be that motorbike can deliver the same job with much less amount of time, which is a very important customer experience metric for Grab. It makes sense that they will prioritise motorbike over other vehicles like PMD/bicycle for this job.

Previously, Seedly estimated that you would earn about S$3,000 per month with GrabFood. But this estimation was in 2019, before COVID. The situation is very different now with so much portion of customer demand now moved from offline businesses to online apps:



The original Facebook post from Si[name redacted] was removed from the group because they don’t want too many new GrabFood riders jumping into the bandwagon. They wanted to hide the fact that you can earn A LOT by doing food delivery. This confirms even further that this is a real deal.


We have heard that some of the group members in GrabFood Delivery Riders Singapore are not happy that we posted the screenshot here. We do truly apologise for this. To compensate for this mistake, we have done the following actions:

    1.  Although information being made public cannot be reverted to private again, we have redacted the person names due to privacy concern.
    2.  We have slashed our motorbike rental price to an amazing rate of only $330 per month. Check out our catalog. If you know anyone offer lower rental price with the same terms, let us know. We will match with them and even give you $10 extra discount.


With so much money to make each month, it would be a pity not to jump into this job during this hard time.

Remember: Things will not be so rosy for a long time – since anyone can do the job. You need to keep in mind that this job might be just a temporary way to earn a living. Thus, we suggest that you should not invest too much money to buy a new motorbike over a long-term commitment, because the consequence of quitting is high: You will lose a lot on depreciation cost for a new bike.


What’s the best strategy for a temporary delivery job? Rent a motorbike. Let AloRide takes care of everything else for you (bike maintenance, road tax, breakdowns, …) so you can focus on earning delivery payments. You never know when Grab would be less generous once the billions they got invested dries out. Their strategy at that point would be very different, and much less rosy for us – the delivery riders.


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