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How do you ensure that your insurance covers “food delivery services”?

If you want to start working for food delivery services like GrabFood, Deliveroo, FoodPanda, it’s very important that you have the right insurance in place. Various insurance providers in Singapore do help you cover food delivery clause as an extra cover or provide commercial insurance for delivery services.

If you don’t have the right cover for food delivery work, you won’t be protected if an accident takes place during a session. The application for food delivery job will also get rejected. More importantly, you won’t be riding on the road legally during the time you’re delivering food.

We are here to ensure that your safety is not compromised when working in food delivery. Please refer to these sample below to know what is expected. Remember to ask for those documents when applying/renting a motorbike.

NTUC Income

For personal insurance coverage: This is a sample of an NTUC Income insurance policy, which is extended to cover food delivery services as stated on “MEMO A”. 

To get a quote from NTUC Income:

For fleet/company insurance coverage: You will get an endorsement like the picture on the right.

If you rent from AloRide, you will get the same document like this one. You can download a softcopy for your food delivery application on our Resources page.

AXA insurance

Here’s a sample of the AXA Insurance policy with extended coverage to include food delivery services.

If your document does not contain the statement as per the sample, your policy is not covered for food delivery services. You may contact your insurance provider to purchase the extended policy.

MSIG Insurance

Here’s a sample from MSIG provider. If you do not have this document it’s mean your policy is not extended to cover food delivery service.

You can also purchase your commercial insurance online at

DirectAsia insurance

Here’s a sample of a Direct Asia Insurance that covers you for private use and food deliveries services.

For a quote, get to their website at

SOMPO Insurance

Similar to NTUC Income. a SOMPO Insurance comes with 2 documents as shown in the sample. 

You may check with your provider if your policy does not cover food delivery services.

For a quote, get to their website at

What to do if my current motorcycle insurance does not cover me for food delivery

If your current insurance does not cover you for food delivery usage, you cannot legally use your motorcycle for food deliveries. You should try and get your policy endorsed for food delivery usage.

  1. Contact your insurer and check if they do offer food delivery usage.
  2. If so, get them to endorse your policy to include food deliveries cover.
  3. Extra premium or fees will also be applied when you buy food delivery insurance add on or cover.

Do you feel like there’s so much hassle researching about these insurance plans? Why not just rent a motorbike from us? We will take care of everything for you so you can focus on your job.

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