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Future of works after pandemic

The pandemic increased existing trends in e-commerce, remote work, and automation with up to 25% more workers than previously estimated. After the pandemic, some trends in HR need to be considered carefully in the organizations to create a friendly working environment.

Increasing in remote works and virtual meetings

A survey from Gartner shows that 48 percent of workers prefer to work remotely serval days per week after COVID-19 compared to 30 percent before the pandemic. It also points out that 20 to 25 percent of the workforces in developed countries can work remotely without the loss of productivity, and they can work between three and five days a week.

Moreover, some companies switched to a hybrid working arrangement to provide more flexibility for employees. With the positive experiences for remote work during the pandemic, a move that will reduce the overall space and rental cost for the company when they only need smaller office areas for workers. In fact, on average, the company planned to reduce office space by 30 percent according to a survey of 278 executives by McKinsey in 2020.

Increasing in E-commerce and delivery services

Various customers found out the benefits of E-commerce and other online activities during the pandemic. Consumers are familiar with online shopping services and use this kind of service frequently. In addition, online banking and delivery services have witnessed a dramatic increase because of the pandemic. These kinds of services may decrease a little bit when the economies open the market. But the demand for E-commerce will certainly surge compared to before the pandemic.

Increasing in organization complexity

Due to the negative effects of the pandemic, various organizations were nationalized to prevent collapse. Various firms will concentrate on developing the diversification of geography and investing in different markets to reduce the risks. Therefore, there is a rise in the complexity of size and organizational management. Thus, the managers have to face many difficulties in operating models evolve. Creating an international environment also becomes an important role of the HR department to make the employees happy working.

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