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5 ways to make money with your motorbike

Motorcycles not only can be used with the purpose of transportation, but they also can help you make some extra money in some situations. These ideas below will help the motorcycle riders get the benefits from their motorcycles. Let’s check 5 ways to make money with your own motorcycle.

Motorcycle Video Blogging

The first way to make money while out riding around on your motorcycle is becoming MotoVlogging. By installing the cameras to your bike or attaching them to your helmet, you can document your journey. It is better that you can create a youtube channel, then you can earn money via advertisements on your channel as well as promotional activities, brand ambassadorships and sponsorships. The most important thing for this job is creating interesting content. If you have more fans, you will get more money.

Taxi Services or Delivery Stuffs

Motorbikes have been the main transportation in South East Asia cities for years because there are many small streets or alleys in these cities. And it is easier to travel by motorcycle than by car in these streets. Therefore, the demand for motorbike taxi services is increasing, especially in South East Asia countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore,.. Moreover, there are more motorcycle riders taking advantage of being a delivery driver for restaurants. It is easy to find some restaurants or GrabFood, Foodpanda,.. to deliver food items near your place. 

Motorcycle Tours

You can start opening a small tour first, offering guided rides around your area. If you find you have a passion for it, you can scale up from there and turn it into a fully-fledged business. A great way to gain traction early on is by offering free tours. This will give you more experience and refine your skill as a guide. After having enough experience, you could create road trips for motorcycle events around the country.

Teaching Others to Ride Motorcycle

To be a Motorcycle Instructor, you need to get trained and certified to teach motorcycling first. You can teach the new riders how to ride their own bikes around safely and properly. This job requires a great deal of patience and communication skills.

Lease Out Your Motorcycles

You can rent out your own motorcycles for transportation purposes, or rent out high spec or customised motorcycles to give people a special motorcycle experience. The key point is that you need to find the customers by yourself or you might have to pay the marketing fee to find the new customers. Airbnb or booking made it easy to rent your home to visitors, and Aloride makes it easy to rent your motorcycle to the experienced riders. If you don’t use your motorbike frequently, you can earn some extra money just by contacting Aloride. This is a fantastic way to make money through your motorcycle. 

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