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5 trending jobs during the pandemic

Millions of people have to face losing their jobs because of the pandemic and others adjusted to work from home since the offices are closed. However, there are still many hot jobs waiting for you during the pandemic. If you are looking for a new job, the time is right for you to look into these hot jobs during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Pharmacist

From March 2020 to March 2021, there are around 89% of pharmacists reported no change in income compared with before the Covid-19. People are coming to get their prescriptions ahead of schedule and trying to buy as much medicine as possible. Therefore, some pharmacists are asked to work extra shifts and they also earn more money. However, the drawback of this work is contacting with the more patients, the more risk they get.  

2. Developers

With some restrictions during the pandemic, people have to stay at home and they are spending more time on the Internet than ever before. The developer occupation is an important job to keep all the digital platforms running smoothly. Many companies lean on online sales to help them to survive and get more profit during the period of social distancing. Therefore, talented developers are vital and impactful job during the pandemic.

3. Nurses and healthcare workers

With the rising case of Covid-19, the shortage of nurses is more acute than ever. Many serious Covid-19 patients require to stay in the hospital for a long-term with intensive care spanning weeks or even several months. Nurses are required to work for the whole day of these patients. With the high workload during the pandemic, the nurses, doctors, and front-line healthcare workers have to work extra hours and the demand for this job also is increasing.

4. Retail clerks and cashiers

The supermarkets, retail stores have witnessed a surge in sales. Retail clerks and cashiers are on the front lines to ensure the customers are able to get the groceries and other essentials they need during self-isolation. With the increasing working hours, retail clerks and cashiers receive a high salary. However, as a customer-facing role, they must report to work every day.

5. Delivery jobs

Essential retailers experiencing huge surges in sales need to deliver their products to customers. The number of deliveries has risen up significantly during the pandemic, as the retailers scramble to keep up with the huge spike in sales. Thus, anyone who has a driving license is in demand right now because the demand for a delivery job is keeping rising. 

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