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5 things to keep in mind before renting a motorbike

If you’re planning a vacation but can’t bring your usual motorcycle along for the ride, renting a motorcycle is affordable and convenient. However, there are some important things you should know before you book your ride.

Checking the licensing requirements

Valid license is the first thing that every motorcycle rental company will ask to see before handing you the keys to your ride. You need to check whether your driving license is recognized in the state or country where you have residency or not. It is better that you can get an international driver’s permit to reduce any possible issues.

Checking the motorcycle types

You should be realistic about your needs and what types of motorcycle you want to rent before renting. Moreover, you also should consider the renting duration, places that you intend to drive,  the weather conditions and the luggage capacity.

Checking the insurance policy

You should understand about the insurance coverage to avoid a mishap turning into a major expense. Third party insurance is mandatory in Singapore and Europe and covers damage to others. Besides there are fire insurance and theft insurance. These insurance are required by law, protecting you in the event you injure someone else or cause damage to property while operating a motorcycle.

Checking the contract

If you choose a rental company and a motorbike, please make sure that you understand the rental contract thoroughly before taking things any further. Some rental shops will require the full gas tank when you return the bike, as well as other requirements. Therefore you should pay attention about the terms in the contract to avoid the hefty fees.

Test the bike

It is better if you can take a test drive before renting. If there are any problems or you don’t feel completely comfortable, the bike rental shop will check the bike again. You should pay attention to the brakes, any leaks, and any other mechanical issues you notice.

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